Termit Dash Tower

Rack with ASIC miners for cryptocurrency mining on X11 algorithm with centralized control, power supply, cooling and telemetry control.

5 minutes
to connect
to the internet
10 minutes
for power
5 minutes
to set up
the mining pool
10 minutes
to set up
the telemetry system

Full ready to go.

Tower is implemented on the principle of Plug & Play.
The software has been updated to the latest version, configured and ready to go.
The process of mining will start automatically after the connection.
Simply connect it to power, Internet and specify the wallet.

rack characteristics

180 GH/s

cumulative computing power of
Termit Dash Tower

12 kW

total power consumption of the rack
and equipment

Power supply system

Each miner is connected and controlled by its own line and power supply unit.

What is Termit Tower for


The ability to consolidate and centrally manage an unlimited number of Termit Tower within the Whiteants Overseer cloud solution.


Providing a smoothly power start and stop. Receiving reports on the results of mining, withdrawal of funds.


Remote monitoring of room and chips temperature, monitoring the rotation speed of coolers, accurate accounting of power consumption and the status of each device.


In one window are available configuration of computing equipment and measurement of cooling parameters. Automated process of changing the target cryptocurrency and the mining pool.

Network System

Provides optimal conditions for connecting the miners to the network with maximum speed and remote control.

Termit Tower DC
for data centers

The solution for the classic data centers. Unlike standard frame racks with a front-cooling system, the Termit Tower DC is equipped with a unique enclosure solution that allows you to set the computing power 3 times as much as 600 GH/s. Termit Tower DC comes with an integrated touch-screen display for controlling the telemetry system.

Cooling system

Effective miners arrangement for front cooling systems and increased factory speed of the coolers ensure a colossal airflow, allowing the equipment to operate at the maximum hashrate.

The lineup

Termit Dash Tower rack options for X11 algorithm

Termit Dash Tower 11®

Performance: 180 GH/s Power consumption: 12 kW Profit per month: $34 000.

$240 000

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Termit Dash Tower 22®

Performance: 350 GH/s Power consumption: 12 kW Profit per month: $58 400.

$400 000

Learn about preorder

Termit Dash Tower D3®

Performance: 450 GH/s Power consumption: 35 kW Profit per month: $76 700.

$540 000

Learn about preorder

Termit Dash Tower DC®

Performance: 600 GH/s Power consumption: 45 kW Profit per month: $108 400.

$750 000

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Full cycle
of crypto asset management


— Own contract manufacturing and direct supplies from China to your door.
— Official importation into the territory of the Russian Federation.
— Opportunity of wholesale supplies.


— Specialized mining datacenters. PUE - 1.09
— The cost of electricity is 0.03 USD for kW.
— The available power is more than 100 mW.


— Placement and launch of your equipment on our sites.
— Professional engineers in 24/7/365 mode.
— Replacement of idle equipment in "next business day" mode


— Professional management of cryptoportfolios.
— Yield to 100% per annum with low-risk trading.
— You completely control your account I/O.

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